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What you can expect during the first session

When beginning therapy, it's natural to feel nervous as you will be meeting someone new and talking about personal issues that can be difficult to discuss. My goal in the first session is to listen to what you share, get to know you, and help you feel more at ease with the therapy process. Usually, your nervousness will decrease as we continue to talk and get to know each other.


By the time we have our first session, you would have already completed the intake paperwork that I sent to you via email. So, you will already be aware of the privacy (confidentiality) rules that apply to therapy. As your appointment date and time approaches, you will receive an appointment reminder by email that will include the video weblink you will use for the telehealth therapy session. Before the appointment, you will want to check that your camera and audio are enabled on the electronic device you will use for the session. 

When we start our session, we will greet each other and begin discussing your reasons for wanting therapy. We will discuss how your life is affected by the issues you're dealing with. We will talk through the goals you have in mind for therapy, and how I can help you achieve those goals. If you are comfortable with continuing therapy, we will discuss how often to have sessions. By the end, you will have a sense of how therapy works and what our sessions will be like moving forward.

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