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Preventing Child Maltreatment in the US: The Black Community

Child maltreatment occurs in the Black community at higher rates than any other racial group. Given the prevalence of child maltreatment risk factors in the Black community, such as being in a low-income family, single parent family, greater exposure to physical discipline, and less access to services and resources, it is not surprising but nonetheless concerning that Black children are at greater risk for abuse and/or neglect. Unearthing the cause and effect between the challenges faced by the Black community and the life outcomes for Black children is key to making positive changes happen. Through a feminist and womanist lens, the authors unpack the range of factors that intersect and impact the Black community that are necessary to address to effectively protect Black children. Understanding how to prevent maltreatment and promote health and wellness are essential to adequately address maltreatment so as to protect and empower Black children.

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Black Success in a White Collar World

Black Success in a White Collar World delves into the unspoken rules that people of color need to overcome barriers and succeed in predominantly white business and academic settings. The 10 guiding principles detailed in this book are interlaced with research-based knowledge, personal insights, and the real life lessons of successful professionals of color. These principles are explained along with action steps that are necessary to kick you into gear. By the final chapter you will have what you need to succeed.

#Ad: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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