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Empowering people to change their lives

Offering telehealth therapy and mental health training
Meet the doctor

How long have you been feeling anxious, sad, or numb, and unsure about how to feel better? How long have you been dealing with ongoing relationship issues that are amplified by your struggles with anxiety and depression? If you're feeling stuck and frustrated, you're not alone. When you're not sure what to do to move forward in your life or relationship, therapy can help you bridge the gap. Welcome to a solution that can work for your needs.


I offer telehealth therapy to individuals and couples, which entails therapy that occurs by video sessions. This format allows for social distancing and removes the barrier of having to commute to an office to receive the support you need. In two decades of working in mental health, I've found that collaborative efforts in therapy can provide powerful tools to help individuals and couples find their way through persistent issues and problems, and increase their ability to successfully cope. Let's therapeutically join together in your journey to living a more fulfilling life. Call 301-875-5216 to get started.

Meet Melissa Phillips, Ph.D

Licensed Psychologist

Dr. Phillips attained her bachelor's degree in Psychology from Howard University, her masters in Rehabilitation Counseling from George Washington University, and her doctorate in Counseling Psychology from Northeastern University. Dr. Phillips has been working in the mental health field for over 20 years in multiple clinical settings including hospitals, community mental health centers, schools, substance abuse programs and forensic settings. She uses an integrated therapeutic approach that includes cognitive behavioral, dialectical behavioral, and psychodynamic techniques to empower individuals and couples to achieve their goals and improve their lives.

Dr. Phillips has conducted mental health trainings and workshops throughout Maryland and Washington D.C. for the general public as well as for organizations including  Prince George's County Health Department, Prince George's County Department of Corrections, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, and Friendship Public Charter Schools.                                     


Specializing in video-based psychotherapy and mental health training

Telehealth Therapy

You may be struggling with past trauma that continues to be intrusive in your life. You may be living with anxiety and depression that stays hidden behind a smile. Or dealing with issues in your relationship that just don't seem to get better despite all your efforts. You want help but maybe you're hesitant about the traditional therapy model of sitting with a therapist in an office, be it due to a preference you already had or because of the current social distancing limitations.


I provide individuals and couples with telehealth therapy via a secure website. This allows you to receive therapy from a convenient location using an electronic device that has internet service. With barriers removed, accessing therapy can help you overcome difficulties and achieve your goals.

Call 301-875-5216 or send a message below to get started.

Training & Workshops

Sphere offers workshops on topics that promote well-being including:


  • Coping Skills in Action

  • Creating Harmonious Relationships

  • Overcoming Shame

  • Motivational Interviewing


Workshops help attendees develop their ability to be more skillful and assertive in their lives by providing in-person demonstrations and guidance that promote well-being.


Individually-tailored training packages are also available to provide topic-specific training. Prices are based on the number of participants, training topic, and length of training or workshop.

Call 301-875-5216 or send a message below for more information. 

 Why wait? Empower yourself today. Let's get started. 

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